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Goodnight big moon
Sweet dreams, baby
If I could have one wish tonight
It would be that you'll always keep
Keep the starlight in your eyes
One day you'll grow up
One day you'll walk out
In this big world on your own

And there will be days when your heart will break
And you'll swear that all your strength is gone
But then you'll find a way to carry on

Heaven knows that it's a crazy ride
It's never perfect all the time
It'll pull you down and send you flying
So baby hold on tight
On this crazy ride

So don't be scared when you're in the darkness
The sun is swallowed by the ground
You think it's gone but it's hanging on
It's just on the other side of town
Even when it's lost, it can be found

Goodnight big moon
Sweet dreams, baby

Text přidala knihomol_ivy

Videa přidali knihomol_ivy, EmJen

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