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remember when I was just a kid
Doctors told me I got a disease that's gonna keep me sick
Sometimes I'd get so damn depressed
I didn't feel like getting myself dressed
But when I turned the radio on
And I heard my favorite song
I'd say
Play me good time music
Help to get me through my day
Play me good time music
Songs that take me, won't you take me, far away
I remember I got my first guitar
Told everyone I was going to be a rock 'n' roll star
The first time I got my heart broke
I remember the feeling I got in my throat
I felt like dyin' that night
Seemed like the radio saved my life
I'd say
We were drivin' by the light of the moon
Makin' love to our favorite tunes
The best days I ever had were nights I spent with you
We didn't have a penny and not a care in the world
I'll be your man, you be my girl
Such simpler times in a complex world

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