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Snow covered rooftop, lights on the trees.
The sound of singing I hear down every street.
Families have gathered from miles away
Oh merry Christmas.
It's Christmas day.

You see that old tree down Cotton lane.
Those lights keep shining
It's always the same
We hear the church bells ring out to say
Oh merry Christmas.
It's Christmas day.

String the lights and hang the stockings.
Decorate with green and red.
Made the cookies for ol’ Santa
Made a runway for his sled.
Singing carols on a sleigh ride.
Gather 'round the manger scene.
Open presents, read the letters.
And together we will sing

A merry Christmas
Joy to the world
For every nation
for every boy and girl.
Let's light a candle,
for peace we pray
Oh merry Christmas
It's Christmas day.

Oh merry Christmas,
It's Christmas day

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