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Keep your eye on you - text


They can't stop you when you're feeling strong- woah
But then the feeling doesn't last too long- no
I can tell you this, it's what I know
I been up so high, I been way down low
But you just can't care, what anybody else can do

Just keep your eyes on you
keep your eyes on you
It's all you can do

One day you're gonna get you're night in the sun - woah
You can't be all things to everyone – no
I can hear your voice and the world can see
All the things you do that can keep you free
Just shine your light – and to your bad self be true

keep your eyes on you
keep your eyes on you
You know it's true
(sha- la- la- la -la)
It's all you can do
When it hits you to you're core
when you're down there on the floor
When you're feelin' all this and more

Text přidala JoannSeppa

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