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when i'm alone I think about the time we spent together
I fall to pieces when thinking he probably treats you better
our love was different, so it's hard to set the tone
you living out in California, yeah I've been stuck inside a different weather
I often wonder if you thought I deserved you
too late too say it but you know I'd never hurt you
and now I wonder if love is really a virtue
you made me realise that I never really deserved you
you taught me how too love, now it's something I don't believe in
I thought you were the one but now I struggle through the seasons
how can I be so in love with someone so misleading
and how could you just throw away my heart without a reason
so many things that I should get off my chest
I just sit inside my room and reminiscing in my head
lately I been feeling like my soul has been a mess
and all I really want is for you too love me like i'm dead
last time I saw you was your back turned walking
how many people got a lethal, I see i'm the problem
you finally found some better guy who isn't shy and awkward
and i'll be here alone cause my fears are unconquered
tired of people breaking trust and saying that i'm not enough
why am I only okay when i'm off the blunt
feeling like I get my heart broke every single month
might just give it up, I don't even give a fuck
tired of this feeling, got it every single minute
my mind like a vinyl cause it's skipping while it's spinning
popping pain killers but I think I finally get it
i'm only killing myself yeah the meds wont fix it
but, it's just the way I cope
and honestly, I just wish they would leave me alone
if the pen like a shovel, just wanna die in a hole
cause these midnight thoughts got me feeling dead and cold

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