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How to love again - text

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I really I hate to reminisce
I thought you'd be the one, but you threw away the bliss
You took away my heart and you threw it in abyss
Now I'm stuck inside the dark, only lighting up the spliff
-spark spark- hit, I've been trying to forget
Busy feeling pain, 'cuz you loved to play pretend
Nothing I can gain, I've been burried in a ditch. Never switched but you did, now I'm puffing on the cigs
Baby, I've been feeling broken
Really I've been lost in my mind, you wouldn't notice
I tried to brush it but I've been searching for motive
Yeah, see, I've been... look...
Living in my head but i'm feeling like it's hell
Every since you left me I've been crying out for help
Really feeling low, and there's no one I can tell
So I've been wasting time, tryna' knock it off the shelf
You said I'll never make it, I'm too focused on the plan
You took me to the bottom, now it's hard for me to stand
I thought you were the one but you would never understand
Yeah, see you would never understand...

Oh I'm still searching, bleeding
Standing on the edge
Watching, learning how to love again

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