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Ground zero of transgression:
Whether ironic distance is true subversion
As it is carved in the structure
Of the system being opposed
Therefore the language of the scourge
Should be instilled in further discourse
The language of strife and hunger
In a state of relentless panic
Henceforth the struggle takes form
Of an absolute order, a total institution
The clandestine laws of the night
Should be exposed in broad daylight
Mocked by many - known by the few
The arsonists of perpetual aporia
Acknowledge the presence of a sinister side
That reaches far and wide beneath the surface
Acknowledge that there are aspects of self
Only to be revealed in burning, blinding hatred
The blades shall be sharpened
Upon gravestones of "kind" hearted
The measures shall be chosen
For maximum impact upon illusion of safety
The ordnance which will tear
Into the heart of daydream
Shall become the testament
Of the hopeless quest of prelest prophets
Acknowledge healthy confusion, the dirt behind the reverie
Unearth madness and probe into the absurd
Deconstruct with no promise of a restore pattern
And become free through the truth of the prelest prophets

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Age of Excuse

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