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Come inside the funhouse
We’re gonna have a ball
It aint like no other place
You’ve ever been at all
Killer clowns with shiny steel waiting for you there
A demon barber straight from hell
To cut more then your hair
Roll up roll up roll up
For the funhouse now.
don’t listen to your daddy
We could have some fun
The walls are nice and sticky
They’ve never seen the sun
Plenty of surprises to make you jump and scream
A fucked up circus nightmare
It’s the only way to dream
Roll up roll up roll up
For the funhouse now
You know you want to
You know you have to
You know you cant resist the mutant bouncer on the door
Knows your names on the list
You know you really have to
You gotta get inside
Even though you really know it could be suicide
All the floors are moving
Pulling towards the spikes
That will hold you here forever
While we do what we like
You can jump and wriggle
But you cant go nowhere
Now your part of the attraction
You can do your share
Roll up roll up roll up
For the funhouse now
Are doors are always open
They only go one way
Step a little closer
And you’ll never get away
Wont you come and join us
It could be a gas
Step over the thresh hold
Kiss goodbye to your ass
Roll up rollup roll up for the funhouse now

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