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Illuminated (Opus One) - text


Hold on to your strength,
you gotta be the one,
there's no denial -
your journey's just begun.
We'll see the light,
we've been waiting for so long.
Many were lying,
but that's not what it depends on, spirits are flying,
roaming hand in hand,
evil is out there,
observing in darkness, beware.
I'm a god, got the power.
Master of your destiny,
the one of mankind.
Why don't I get Illuminated.
Send me a prayer.
Let the light be your guide, oh.
I gotta go, to set your mind on fire.
(To be) united forever, oh.
Many were dying, you'll bring it to an end.
Blood veins are pulsing,
until the bitter end,
honour and pride will survive all the sorrow,
so rare.
I'm a god, got the power.
Master of your destiny.
Getting closer with every breath that I take.
But still there's missing you, the one of mankind.
Let me become Illuminated... No dreamstate... Reality !
Hold on to your strength.
And you will see the light.
Many were lying,
but you'll bring it to an end,
honour and pride will survive all the sorrow.
Can see you, can feel you, soon I'll get my arms around you...

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