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Signal Path - text


Always in my head, but nothings ever said
Only one thing keeps me here where angels fear to tread
Watching all the time, ignoring all the signs
Pushing buttons on the ground and trying to shut my eyes

Now the payment's coming due
And I'm tired of warning you
The hammer of time is no friend of mine
There's nothing that you can do

And I feel it, and I need it
Only one thing on my mind
And I feel it, and I need it
Paying the price for what you do
The signal is never getting through to you

Hear the words I've said, now get it through your head
Use your tactics of the fear that fills you full of dread
A mountain you must climb, and climb in record time
When you reach the top you'll see you'll never touch the sky

Maybe I'll know when I hear the sound
Something I'll find lying on the ground
Keep it safe and keep it from the sun
No one will ever know it's here
Put it away for another year
Listen to all the voices in my head
And what they're saying

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