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Killing Your Time - text


And when you hear the sound, of your life crashing down
And no one seems to give a damn
You will be all alone, left in the danger zone
A very sad and lonely man... Do you understand?

And when it's time to pay, for all your evil ways
Your story no one will believe
Watch what your life becomes, you're begging for the crumbs
And you've got no tricks up your sleeve... You're just a thief!

Killing your time, you've just been killing your time
Killing your time. You're all just killing your time

You've got your hooks in it, and draining every bit
Of any good that can be found
But she can't see the man, who's in a garbage can
Until his ship is run aground... And never found

The end

Text přidal DevilDan

Video přidal DevilDan

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