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He's already born on a distant land
Young, he got the title
Of hard-bitten
On his marble face
We can see the winner
In his iron eyes
There's only scorn of others
He's already born
With desire to reign
On the system nerve of the world
Like a bane
No principles or no morality
Can stop his race to the victory
He is the third one
Who can make you
Repent life
More cruel than
All his predecessors
Millions of screams and pain
To prove all that terror
He will bring earth
To its' own destruction
He really wants to turn you on
He is the third one
Who can make you
Repent life
Victory has a taste of blood
'cause to win, you kill a hood
Blood venerated
Like a bouquet of roses
In the sanctuary
Of the evil genius
Evil genius

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