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From this portal soon will rise
A cruiser out of paradise
Thousand passengers are tamed
With riches and fame
Like in our society
They've lost their mind and dignity
Mirror of the dying world
That will face its future
Without guns and without gear
No one thought that they were here
Twelve men on a deadly trip
Boarding the ship
To make the objects they will need
The kitchen's printer had to read
The plans of pyro's arsenal
The mission goes on
Visions of fire in the Novastorm
Our realm in the purifying light reborn
Take our hope into another place
Vision of light - Novastorm
The messengers are spreading fear
The doctor's music made them cheer
The synth was playing through the wife
The visions of new life
To emphasize this fall of man
The red-head maniac made a plan
To overload the maelstrom-sphere
A giant explosion

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Starwolf - Pt. 2: Novastorm

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