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Hypnotized by the face of the order
Paralyzed we were waiting for death
Mesmerized like a million of the others
Who wait for the sound
Of the wakening call
He's the one who will bring back the old times
Like the sun at the end of the night
The fear is gone in the heart of our fellows
After the sleep comes our time
On our sacred ride - we thirst for their blood
On our sacred ride - it's time for revenge
Our holy revenge
Fortress of freedom, built by our heart
No one will ever tear it apart
No one will stop us on our sacred ride
The Starwolf by our side
The mighty symbols of the pirates will shine
Their names are legion across the galaxy
And every mind that's free
It will know their sign
The will to freedom is the way to piracy

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Starwolf - Pt. 2: Novastorm

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