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Triumph of the Darksword - text

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One year later he's returning
Ten years older, wiser eyes
Does he hold the world destruction in his hand?
War's fought on two chessboards
A new enemy's bursting in
Riding iron creatures, firing rays of death
But there he stands
Holding his sword, killing the light
Like an angel of death
Oh Lord - Is this the Triumph of the Darksword?
Only hope for this world
The new foe joins the old one
He's threading a web of lies
At the temple of the dead the trap is set
At the dawn of the final battle
The executioner hides unseen
Four blows explode, the young man falls like dead
He's at the ground
As life fades away the magic disguise falls
The fool saved the Dead man
Oh Lord - Is this the Triumph of the Darksword?
Any hope for this world?
A voice from distant centuries
Reveals what was left untold
A divine warning was misunderstood for prophecy
The world salvation's in the hand
Of him who bears the sword
The only hope is to release Life
Set the magic free
Give heed to what the spirits say
Settle the world's doom
A new beginning is at hand
Raise your sword one last time
Shatter the altar stone
Then wait for all to fall apart
And now the darkness comes
Rising as sudden tide upon the earth, upon the land
Dispelling light from the world
The world is stormed by wind and rain
And when it all is over nothing moves, nothing can
Life has been drained from the Well
One year later he returned
Ten years older, wiser eyes
Did he really bring destruction in his hand?
A fate of no forgiving
They'll never understand
How he saved their world from a worse destiny
There he remains
Forever cursed by the ones
Who now leave this dying world
Oh Lord - This is the Triumph of the Darksword
No more hope for this world
He came for salvation
Did he bring damnation to the world?
Was his dark creation
Meant to be the ruin of the world?

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