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Every gaze at the TV news
Another load of creepin' lies
Crawling into my mind
Can't endure no more
'Cause their game is plain
To wipe away our features now
But if we stake ourselves
Our life becomes a lie... you know it!
Every day the media bring
A good deal of violence
How could this valve of discharge
Avoid a ghastly event?
How can we find the truth
When everyone's a nasty crook?
We're sinkin' through the waves
Of doubts and dark mistakes... through the sea of lies!
The fourth estate is right
We're all slaves under control
Tomorrow we shall fight no more
To preserve our freewill
Daily shooting messages
From the press, radio or TV
They're gonna take me to insanity
Like a slow lobotomy
Again I gape at the tv news
My blood is boiling deep inside
This time I clench my fist and
Won't take it anymore
We shall find the truth
Effacing their deception now
Keep sailing on the waves
Enlightening their mistakes
Through the sea of... through the sea of lies!

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