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Panda (remix Desiigner) - text


Sniffing Ritalin
Killing em just for listening
Be literal
I'm lyrically shitting on all these simpletons
They know that I’m the illest
I'm filling up with adrenaline
I’m veteran
I’m heavy like metal
My shit is venomous
You better get me sedatives
Effortless with the penmanship
I'm deadlier than ever
I said it I never let em live
You better say I’m better than anybody
Just send them in

They say I look like a panda
But me I think I look way more like a bear
Fuck a fork in the road
Put the fork in your ear
Cause I’m morbidly tortured
I torch your career
Sitting on a porch with a beer and a semi-automatic pistol You’ve been warned, I don’t care
Kill you then I pick the body up from the ground then I take a selfie with your corpse in the mirror
I’m the coroner here
Chloroform in your orange juice
I'm sort of just weird
I was born, end up poor with a soul full of fear
So of course I was forced to be colder this year
I’m a stompdown killa
Gorilla giving em everything that they could ever ask for
Get buck, I’m a sick fuck
In a big truck with a trunk full of bath salts
You ain’t half this raw
Jump through your computer and then I’m beating you to death with your Macintosh
For acting hard
Looking like you’re Asher Roth
You don’t even stand a chance I am Hasselhoff
I don’t really give a fuck about your broads in Atlanta
They mad cause my momma never taught me no manners
Do it for the cause
You can watch on the camera
You're all at the bottom
I just crawled up the ladder
After this you’re gonna need new speakers
The rap game discovered a new leader
I’m not a panda I’m a fucking zookeeper
Drink a Fanta right out the two liter
All I’m trying to say is I don’t know what is going on lately with all this weird music now
If you put your favorite rapper right in front of me
Then I'mma come though and shoot him down. POW!
I know I ain’t the slimmest guy
But ya’ll just living lies
And the shit that you’re doing right now is not hard Motherfucker here let me try
All you gotta do is talk about a bunch of shit that you don’t have
Maybe rent the car
And then rent the chain
And then drink some lean
And just go ham
I got arm and hammer
I’m so fat they think I’m Santa
Tater tots and some Fanta
Hoe’s say damn like I’m Daniel
Jessica Hannah
Jasmin Amanda
Jessica Hannah
Jasmin Amanda

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