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Merkules - Sedatives (Prod. Dylan Ross) - text


[Verse 1]
Two down I can feel it in my palms sweaty
Rock steady and wobbling cause I'm top heavy
Already Imma chill and see what happens
Kill a beat with passion when I'm sniffing E and Xanax
I do it often they compare me to a junkie
Better be aware this shit is scary in my country
Every day I buzz when I barley got the money
Apparently I'm hungry got me cherishing this 20 bucks
Stained shirt pain hurts with the built aggression
Face first the same Merk that you're still upset with
Fake jerks who make work outta pill collecting
A crazed curse that tastes worse than a pill obsession (ugh)
I must have thought it all was over
A steady rock and rolla' till I'm getting guap like Oprah
Grimy on the loose and I'm still hiding in the booth
High and tied up with a noose
I've been blinded by the truth

[?] still remain blinded by the truth
Take your pain everyday kill your point of view
Till your eyes roll back inside your head
Realize you're happy when the sedatives in you

[Verse 2]
I can't breathe can't see cause' I'm comatose
Holy smokes hope for dope, gulpin' with a broken smoke
I stay inside and get hella sick off sedatives
Sending instant messages I'm better with my penmanship
I'm an addict gotta have it, man I'm never clean
Smell it in the evergreens testing the Promethazine
Severing the heads a queens questioning a better dream
Fresher than a bed and sheets effortlessly wrecking beats
Yeah I got it like that now your whack style mad fowl hit em' like man down
A cash cow stacks pile show em' like that's how
Last round then I pass out in a crack house I'm ruthless
And Imma do it till I'm stupid fried euthanize rappers for practice I'm living do or die
Cruising by most of these spittas are sitting booster high
Who am I? the next best I do it live

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