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Gucci Gang (remix Lil Pump) - text


Gucci Gang (7x)

I'ma hang a rapper by his shoe strings put him in the freezer tie his feet up will his dual rag
You against me is like wu tang to 2 chainz
Snoop pay to snoop drag
Cool jay to juice man
It's too late i show up for you stay like you pay it too fake i shoot back and knock back out your toupee
I don't even like you and these rappers
So if i see them in the club i better shoot at them faster
Just to get up on my level I bet you need a ladder.
Give me that beat and watch me go like them dudes in atlana
I ain't like these trap rappers always chewing up Xanax
In the booth and im rapping drunk with a 2 6 of cappers
This dude is a savage You dudes are hula hooping in sandals
When im hammered inside a Subara im loosing my balance
I got fans across the world from vancuover to kansas
And you couldn't hack it I put your whole crew in the caskets
I do it effortless I'll solve rubiks cube while im at it Blindfold her with a .22 shooting at randoms
Im not chokin' im heart broken I cant kill them all
I write a verse in 30 seconds and start having withdraws
I got these backpackers mad that they can't be this raw
You got charged when you stole a kitkat from a mall
Give me a break. I feel like im gonna snap if they let me
I've been through hell so long its like i cant go to heaven
But im the teacher your the student so go back in detention and do your homework or ima have to actually dead you
I gotta chill the fuck out maybe breathe for second
They take a look at me like how is he not a freshman
Maybe its because i know how to speak a full sentence
When i was 13 i got a lethal injection Im on one, on two, three and four You all suck fuck you want beef its war?
You mad too bad. See me on tour I heard they want mine well tell them we want yours ya I ain't even high and im an animal
You are not a rapper you are too high of adderal
Your braids to tight so your minds not compatible
I ain't drink lean i do fine with my alcohol
A huned is the only way i keep it stupid I got bored i ain't really need to do this
Fuck a remix soon you compete my new shit
Stomp Down killas is the team in movement Lil Pump get your money i aint even mad
But if you get this taken down ima beat your ass
Mutha fucka you should know by now
How he get away with that?
Bitch i go all out its big merk

Gucci Gang (3x)

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