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Groundhog Day - text



Na na na.. na na.. na..
Na na na.. na na.. na na.. na na

[Verse 1]

Feels good 'cause I came from the bottom, click-clack.. bang, get aimed then I shot 'em, I'm the youngest in the game
Now the game got a problem, and I know they feel ain't same 'cause my name's gettin' stardom
Yeah, and you know that there.. that's right, boy..
You know that there
Say it now you want it, got a problem, we can solve it, now regardless, we in Canada, I'm cold out here


They know I'm dope, that's what they call that.. call that
They call me up and I don't call back.. call back
I'm busy tryna count this paper.. paper
So now it's fuck you, see you later.. later
'Cause I don't need 'em in my life.. my life
I'm busy workin' all night.. all night
And all this bullshit got me stressed out.. stressed out
So now I'm walkin' with my chest out.. chest out

[Verse 2]

Fuckin' opportunist, I'm the one that's gotta do it, I do it for the people I influence with the music, so raw, but they all showin' off like a nudist on the blogs, want a piece of what I got
I'm the newest, I took time off and I kept to myself and it didn't really matter, I was left on the shelf
But the funny thing is, I'm the freshest one out, and they all disappear when the checks start to bounce
Hmm, it's ironic how it works, say.. still learnin', I'm the student on the first day, right now I'mma have it all Merks way
I'm a Stompdown Killa in a worst way, it's Thursday, I ain't slept all week, throw it all away and be yakuda yami
I've been trained in the game, and the game's Rocky, now I'm ready to dare 'em if any lames got beef.. what?
You ain't heard me, right? You should prolly go and take a Merks advice, 'cause whatever you do just ain't workin' right
If you wanna be a threat, you should learn to fight


And I don't need to be a preacher.. preacher
I'm just here to get my prenup.. prenup
I see 'em hatin' on the low.. the low
But that's the way the things go, they go
And all that drama's for the has beens.. has beens
I cash out before I cash in.. cash in

That's right, man
It's the honest truth
I know I've been hidin' for a little bit
You ain't see me around much, right?
But guess what?
It's Groundhog Day
Comin' back for a piece of that pie, man
C-Lance, what up?
We killin' 'em right now, man
Oh, boi

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