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Where do I begin with what to say
I've played this conversation in my head so many times
I'm certainly not claiming to know everything
But what I do will save your life.

I know, I know that God is able
I know, I know that He still reigns
I know, I know that love has found a way.

No matter what it is you're going through
Even if you think you're far beyond where hope can see
I know there is a Hand that's reaching out for you
Because He did the same for me


It wasn't that long ago when my own world fell apart (it fell apart).
And everything here inside of me said to let go (you must let go).
I found my self crying out to the One who knows my heart (He
knows your heart).
And holding tight to the few things that i know (few things that I

I know, I know, I know that love has found a way.


He has made a way!

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All That Is Within Me

MercyMe texty

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