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Hold On Christmas - text


The colder it gets outside
The more it warms my soul
Christmas is on my mind
I just gotta make it home
It won't be long ‘till I am singing
To the rhythm of the Salvation Army bell ringing
But this road keeps going for miles and miles
Oh please get me there on time

Hold on Christmas
I'm begging you please
Hold on Christmas
Christmas wait for me
For me

Tell Santa to take his time
Don't be in such a rush
Just give me a chance
So I can get there before he does
I gotta see my baby and hold her hand
While we're watching It's A Wonderful Life again
It's the only present I need right now
So please could you help me out

Gifts beneath the tree
Kids pretend to sleep
It's finally Christmas Eve
So keep the fire bright
Don't turn out the light
I'll be home tonight

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