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Subdivide, technical wars
Calculate industries whores
Little faults in the system
Always reducing men to their ranks in a time of no choosing
Balance is gone assiduity
Resplendent drone deranged machine
See what I mean
Monochrome skies paint future scenes of a corporate scheme
Graft display turn away the poor and the weak
Always there they don't care bow down at their feet
Sinews of war and all the redemption go up in smoke
There's been no reflection grinding their gears a prosaic aim
So when you look what do you see vulgarity
Monochrome skies paint future scenes of a corporate scheme
Hidden orbs focus in on me impart neuroticy
To a liquid mind all they find is a piece of time
Confounding what's left of me Modern medicine a form of strategy
Designed to ensure our purity
Endeavor for immortality
Zeros and ones defining me
Dollar signs are everywhere
Incorporated stare a lighthouse for the blind
Meiropol is standing by to quench the truthful lie
Computer serving mind
Silent loudness now speaks to me imprinted echoes ring endlessly
Emotion stripped down to the core
An impulse nothing more inside our empty selves
Sex is sterile now alone now anyone can own a piece of someone else
Predictability is comforting
Vapid gray this future seen
all that we are
Sins of the thinking machine have brought us this far
Human error replaced by efficiency
A permanent program raping mortality
When man is reduced to a number sums and equations defined
Replaced by zeros and ones he'll be left behind

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