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Upon Deaf Ears - text


Blinded you shelter me from reality
Hanging on never wrong crucifying me
Altars smoke blackened through the years
Never washed by tears frozen there With my despair for your security
Once more the drama begins in passion play rivals don't win
Feel the weaker of the two where the skin is thin the pain shows through
The pain shows through Shadows once denied reveal anger and selfish pride
Your emotions on parade at my expense tedious charade
Awakened, as if I was never there in your greedy care
Out from hell Azrael calmly pulls my soul
Risen, from a sunken fate reanimate
Ancient vow helpless now stripped of its control control
I won't drink violence you demand Fool's message falls from nervous hands
Clearing skies give way (hear my suicide)
The spirit and the bride said come and I betrayed
The stone now rolled away (it took my will)
I found the miracle within tedious charades

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