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The Occurrence of Tomorrow - text

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The view within a child's eyes is none too cautious none too wise
Everything is what it seems
Believing I could live the dream I stood as
David in the street Goliath to defeat
But that day before the sun would set a lesson I would not forget I'd learn
Shown my insignificance somewhere somehow tables have been turned .
They had lied to me they could have set me free by speaking honestly .
Now God only knows what tomorrow brings
Best to set my sights on more important things
Deciphering life's song and of the truth I'll sing .
Calling them as I see As it occurs to me
Endless integration manifest destination not for me
Wrestling indecision throwing inhibitions to the sea .
Voices in the night that said I'd fail and still I might
But on that day myself I'll own a king who failure can't dethrone
I'll navigate this wasteland and find a place to make a stand .
I'll fight my Armageddon there when confidence consumes despair.
And on that judgement day I'll see the spoils that are due to me
For believing as a child would that if I tried I surely could succeed .
They had lied to me they could have set me free and told me honestly
The truth submerged beneath life's waterfall
As if it's mighty force could baptize sins away
But through the whirlpools and the foam
I see refracted glimpses of what I should be
Reflection so unclear, too quickly fade away .
Mightier still the pen than sword whose blade
is naught to the almighty written word
The consequences I'll afford .
Calling them as I see as it occurs to me

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