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Searching for signs in a season of hard times
In cathedrals they pray to a God far away from their soul
Towering to the sky catch the creators eye show him what we can do.
When in reality sincere apology and shame are overdue
Selfishness more than love reaching to God above .
On their knees, begging...begging Spare us please .
So much languid speculation of what is right
and what is wrong but is there really any question?
You had the answer all along
As God would show himself to me my conscience is my guide
And in his temples I would pray but in cathedrals I'll not hide
A matter of integrity to judge or not be judged it's all that
I can do to turn away
It's what we are not what we own..
A soul that stands alone often blinded by the order of the day .
Submissive hearts not cathedrals

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