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Shadows of Fire - text

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Our instincts are inhuman but it's not our will
walking through the ash our mission is to kill
as we keep walking the earth turning black
with sword in hand we await the attack
horror vision flames growing higher
no way back lost in the fire
lightning strikes there's no return
final terror now we burn
this is not our wish but hate is so strong
nothing seems to change as the battle goes on
shadows of fire they make me scream
changing my mind creating bizarre dreams
out of control, running for safety
branded eyes death or glory
forgotten pleasures let there be silence
the disease is brutal violence
memories hidden behind a wall of lies
bodies abnormally rotten
holocaust! We never learn
and life shall be forgotten
screaming children they'll come for revenge
the air is poisoned by an awful stench
children of tomorrow used to be so strong
warriors! Now they are all gone
fight for your freedom go out and slay
and to their graves they all went away

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