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emotions thoughts and memories
it's hard to understand
birth, life and death
it's written in my hand
I have seen the darkness
try to seek the truth
all those foolish memories
I don't want to do
at sea i've never been
the sun i've never seen
understand what i feel
oh no this can't be real
born to live a normal life
I try to go on as before
there's something in my past
I can't stand this sights anymore
my deathwish is real
my body is a bleeding sore
and my endless dreams
they are full of dreadful gore
someone inside
mind possession
invisible people disturbing my sleep
out for my soul, but i'll fight
as you know destiny is cruel
maybe it's time for me to die
someone inside
mind possession
born to live ... [see above]
they took my life or what is left
internal illusions my mind possessed

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