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Look out she’s coming at ya, big dark eyes like Cleopatra, the eyes of a femme fatale, bet you get the ominous feeling a cold-blooded creature in the dark is stealing toward you; you best beware, take care.

She’s better than a work of fiction: half ingénue, half a vixen your little paper doll. But brother she’s a wicked sister, subtle and sly, watch it mister and take my advice; stay away or number your days.

Opiate clouds surround you, an addiction to love has found you out,

half out of your mind. Fool, when I think about you I want to wrap my arms around you and tell you more than words can say.

She devil, she conquer, she devil, you want her. You’re unaware tonight of the danger everywhere.

My poor little sleeping giant dreaming warm and silent, where has your Delilah gone? Why don’t you wake and see through every way that she’s deceived you, how she moves within? See, everything the woman touches it withers and dies in her clutches, why should your fate be any different from these?

Oh, well I’ve heard about you, every word that’s said about you, the man in the silvery web. He fell for the sweet persuasion, a black widow spider, now nothing can save him, it’s just a matter of time.

She devil, she conquer, she devil, you want her, unaware tonight of the danger everywhere. She devil, she conquer, she devil, you want her, you’re well aware tonight of the danger everywhere but you don’t care!

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