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Wasteland Foretold - text


Come sail with me my friend, my love
Let's leave this shadowed shoreline
A silent night we left it all behind
We are on our life's decline
I sing to you this silent lullaby
It's so peaceful, embraces you so
Though we walked a thousand labyrintz
You have never left my side

Up through the clouds
I will follow you were ever you go
And as you walk upon the water
My heart starts to glow
Our garden of memories unfold

Deep in our minds a vision is shown
A glimmering garden of light
Where we are now forever we'll stay
We're honoured, our memory remain

In holy ground so deep we lay
So near each others side
With you my love I've found the way
I'm forever blessed, forever blessed
I've found my way

We have found our homeland
A wasteland of glory we see
Don't mourn what's left behind
We enter this graceful place
Our memory garden foretold

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