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Violate & Create - text


I hope you will burn for this
Some secrets are not meant to be
Only a matter of time
Your ugly true self unwind
You preach and pray with a smile of content
No doubt your teaching is from heaven sent
Lost your grip when that boy was you
Lost all your conscience and moral too

The childhood dreams are lost
The world suddenly turned colorless

With one hand on the scripture
And the other around his neck
You molest the child in the house of your god
Kiss and tell you mean nothing but well

Desecrate and neglect the common sense inside you
Violate and create another monster like you

The urge for flesh in a twisted heart
You can no longer tell your disciples apart
A man to confide in
To whom do you confess?
Darken your deeds
Take a moment to bless

Win their trust with righteous talk
Show them lust, forget the pain
A mother's love, her pride and joy
Turns into a hollow and worn out toy

Text přidal DevilDan


Memory Garden texty

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