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The Evangelist - text


From nowhere he came
No-one knew of his name
Indoctrinated those with ignorant minds
Righteous were his words, and calming his smile
Obscured though, his intentions...

Healed the sick, and craved nothing in return
Raised the dead
Cast the demons out of their heads
Just a hearsay, nothing true
But convinced them all
Gathered his army so well
Thought they were saved...

"Hear me when I'm calling"
Was he first commandment from the evangelist
"Sacrifice your lives for me,
receive a greater spiritual reward"
Turned them into marionettes of faith, so unaware
Their longed-for rise was their fall

There was no light, to offer guidance for those souls
Lost their sight, all blinded by authority
No water turned to wine
Miracles were never to be seen

The sky could have fallen
It wouldn't have changed anything at all
They built his empire
Stone by stone, grave by grave
"Heresy must not prevail"

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