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My heart ignored the moment
I'm lost in the air where I bleed
You bring eternal torment

In my imagination
I'm still where I want to be
Reality unleash the darkness I will see

Another day is dawning
To bring the veil that I need
My soul is still in mourning
Suffering indeed

In dreams I see my future
I find it hard to believe
I'm bound to follow you
Forever I will grieve

I can see the world is turning
To the bitter end

I can feel you crawling underneath my skin
I believe you feel the hate I feel for you

I can see the world is turning
To the bitter end

When I've reached the day of quickening
And my days on earth will end
There's no use to feel sorrow
My mortal soul will be condemned

Now I can see it clearer, I have told myself a lie
In my redeeming moments, I prepare myself to die

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