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Daughters of the Sea - text


Couldn't believe my eyes, I saw them before me
More majestic than the sun and the moon
A myth from another time and dimension
Never believed any of it to be true

Holders of all worlds wisdom
I was so eager to learn
"Keep out of earshots distance"
I sealed my fate, I didn't listen

Have you heard the sirens sing
Peace inside a storm they bring
They lure you right into their arms
You can't resist their cunning charm
Refuse to leave them beauteous
And starve to death in happiness
Few have lived to tell of three
Deadly daughters of the sea

Suddenly, my journey had ended
No chance to ever return
Willingly left behind on the coastland
My own perdition a few steps away

Sing to me again, I need to hear
Tell me everything, I need to know
Comfort me for a while, I cannot leave
Hold me as l die, a few days to breathe

Text přidal DevilDan


Memory Garden texty

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