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Barren Lands - text


Staring through these barren lands
Like countless times before
Have been walking since forever
A thousand miles or more
Not a soul to share my thoughts
Of this devastation brought

Cold winds whisper
The blackened sky advance
Dry leaves perform their crippled dance
Patterns in the sand mark my way
Others can follow and join one day

So self-destructive but unwilling to see
The seams were all ripped and damnation set free
Prophecies of old
Just an old fools story told?
We have forsaken ourselves

Far too greedy and filled with hate
The high-minded bonds evaporate
Selling the course with every mistake
The waves of consequence obliterate

Memory fragments of a perfect world
Still, people dreamt about the perfect world
Instincts took over, intellect put aside
Survival needed sacrifice
Nature and man collide

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