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The Passage... + A Passenger on Psycho's Path - text


Lost in labyrinths
Trapped on threshold to reality
An invisible twin
A shortcut to insanity

The loyal best friend that I dreamed up
Took advantage of my vastness of weak spots
I had no nobody and neither did he
So I let him share my body - weird idea
Dethroned it's master wore a cloth of confusion
This disembodied body thing has grown out of propotion
We've come too far to stop now, I got everything to gain
And some say insane is sane.


Is this for real?
What is this thing that I feel?
I'm so confused
Control I lose
I'm beeing abused

Save me from myself

Upon the psycho's path [4x]

Some say sane is insane
It may damage your brain
I say nothingness reign

Am I myself?
If not I'm me, who am I?
Behold, I change
Before your eyes
I'm changing shape

Save me from myself

Upon the psycho's path [4x]

Some say nothingness reign
It may damage your brain
I say sane is insane

Did you hear the voice that whispered?
As I elbowed through the crowd
That's my disembodied spirit
Even silence is too loud, loud, loud, loud
I realize I'm stuck on psycho's path

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