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Jacksonville - text


You know, I don't think this is going very well.
I mean, like 10 percent of the audience wants to fight.
The other 90 percent are totally bored.
So it's like, what the fuck am I doing up here, you know.

You know when I am sitting around at home in Hollywood, usually what I'm saying to myself is how much we suck compared to all the great bands from Jacksonville.
I'm thinking how much my life sucks compared to what it would be like if I just lived in Jacksonville.
Unfortunately, I'm exiled in California.

And you guys are in this hot bed of entertainment, called Jacksonville.
So I think without any further ado, we will continue by being completely bored ourselves.

Oh, I'm so damn lonely


And we hate everyone of you!



We hate you all and want you to die


We hate you all and want you to die


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