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Where Does The Ocean Go? - text


Through a cloudy haze on the sun lit sea
We waved them away from the southern key
17 hands but the one in charge
Was one fine man from the bio sauvage

Mon cher, senior keep c’est Caesar
I try not to show him the tear in my eye
I send my love I’ll wait for you
Farewell sweet boy from the one by you

Where does the ocean go?
Should I let it take me?
Any second they may wake me
Does anybody know?
Where does the ocean go?

I knew back then as I always known
That say this pray is traitor’s law
But the ship went down off the coast of Spain
I read the letter, felt his pain


Some days I walk on the harbor side
And I watch the sea and the rising tide
And I see him there like a sand mirage
My last man in the moon du sauvage


Does anybody know?
Where does the ocean go?

Text přidala LLestrange

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