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[Hodgy Beats]
Uhh - cold water fresh from every aspect
It's like I have eight ligaments the way that I grab checks
I passed go, puff it, then pass next on ratchets
I'm double-oh-seven, make a nigga grab his gadget
Barbarian with the harpoon, don't walk in that dark room
Leave your organs on a bar stool and then bag 'em up, carpool
Hodgy, he so devilish, elevator, next level shit
I'm goin up but it's goin down but I never settle bitch
All these fuckin drugs and no motivation
All these fuckin girls and no home to take them
All these fuckin plugs ain't nowhere to gauge them
Call the sluts to roll the blunts I'm guaranteed to face them
My power's like a horse's, you know where I race them
On the track where I practice careers for the taken
I'm swollen achin, smokin eighths then go defacin haters
You slow deflate that shit, mistake, I'm on the road to mayhem
[Chorus 2X: Left Brain]
Here we, here we, here we fuckin go (go) [3X]
Here we fuckin go, let these niggaz know (know)/here we fuckin go
[Hodgy Beats]
Smoking flights, roll the dice, I'm sober like I should have flown a kite
I got the calamite like a Dolomite so nigga don't step to me you a shoulder's height
Not a soldier's heighth, I'm cold as ice
Frozen bitten, North Face mittens, on a mission
Left in the kitchen, a mini chef in the kitchen
Detect I will never raise hell 'til it's risen
Cause jails are forbidden, at least for a kitten
I'm pissin and shittin on rhythms that's given
The sky is the limit like ribbons and flyin pigeons
Live and die is my religion
Got my eyes so I ain't trippin
Eye's witness but I ain't snitchin
Feds in my ear but I ain't listenin
(Feds in my but I ain't listenin)
Dora the Explorer, hora, the horror hoarder
Daughter's in storages, ransom mortages
No cash shortages
Order this oil let, she gon' boil quick
Torture is tortoises slowly punchin their torsos
Selling narcos and burroughs like Mexicans and their churros
Who is him in them, deminem, the antonym ramblin
Mosh and squash the dandlin, MellowHype throttlin canvases
And won't pay for no damages, we ain't that nigga
If you wanna fuck some shit up then we'll paint that picture
[Outro: Left Brain]
Fuckin go, fuckin go, here we fuckin go
Go, fuckin go, let these niggaz know, here we fuckin go
Go, fuckin go, fuckin go, here we fuckin go
Go, fuckin go, lete these niggaz know, here we fuckin go

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