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Sometimes a great notion - text


Never give an inch, that's what I say, son
When it's too tough for everybody else
Hell, it's just right for me
Now my lips are bleeding
From the selfish things that I've done
And my heart it lies at the bottom of the ocean
Sometimes a great notion

Wanted to make love to my girl
In the backseat of my car
So I took her to the drive-in picture show
So I filled her up with
Lies and a strong love potion
And I'm sittin' here watching the movie alone
Sometimes a great notion

Sometimes the best plans
Have been known to go astray
So you better put your seatbelt on
Just like your worst headache
Well, a bad day don't go away
And you hit the ground running against your emotions
Sometimes a great notion
Sometimes a great notion

Text přidala Maribel

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