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As this day of hell
comes to an end
Hear the pack emerse,
from their den
See them moving towards
your nightly prey
See the closing in,
your final day
They can sense your fear,
deep inside
You're their prey tonight
so pray for life
The Pack
The Pack
You can feel death's grip
from the pain
Ripping through your flesh,
like a blade
Their piercing teeth,
and their iron claws
The pack moves in now,
nature's call
Try to run, Ha! Ha!
try to hide

No escape,
the pack will find....
The Pack
The Pack
The sun now shines
across the grounds,
Revels the feast last night
but not a sound
the snow now stained with
human blood
For these lost souls life is done
So pray for souls,
wandering endlessly
Until the next feast,
the pack sleeps
The Pack
The Pack

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