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Nightfall on the boardwalk
See the beast emerge to stalk and prey
White, black, red or yellow
Doesn't matter pain pays, it pays
Feel death cold as ice
As it tears through your mine, it's mine
Night after night
Fate awaits its final call, hear the cries
Fight to be free or die
To join you must kill
Shed blood rape and steal with steel
Hate rules young minds
Minor means no longer time but prime
Take one out here
Take one out there, who cares ?
Murder runs rapid now
Through the streets of L.A.'s town
But how ?
Fight to be free or die
They walk with me till they die
They give their lives, so I survive
Nothing to lose, I'm running free
I'll take you down if you mess with me
Fight ya, own ya, kill ya

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Solitary Solitude


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