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Interwoven cosmic traps
In the Cycle of Omega (is) the Tribe of Agad
Morsel of their phantoms retain the self
Clan of the star, masters of transition
Discovering worlds from Sumerian tradition
Interwoven microcosmic traps
Proscribed spells deemed vice and perverse
Raiders of the psych cry for release
Please, cease, Sand Grain Universe
She breaks the granite pendulum
Extrude the spells wrapped in vitreous cloth
Lust for oracles, lust for curses
To release the clan from deviant mysticism
Solar vigour, flaming rage
Trine repeat the hymn... Sand Grain Universe
Ninhursag, smelter of the gods
Release the Cosm from the Omega granule
Magnetic chimes pulsate
In the Cycle of Omega is the clan of the Star
The remainders of their soul retain the self
Masters of transition perpetually trapped
The smelter of the gods cease the fierce circle
Smelter of the gods release the Cosm
From the Omega granule
Magnetic chimes pulsate within
The sound of what lies in the sky
The saga of Agad persists until this era
Mother of Marduk failed to release us all from the Omega granule
The universe contracts with the erosion of the grain of sand

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