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Emissaries And The Mysterium Magnum - text

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The astral candles shimmer
For the olden O.O.M.
This is the time for verdict
For they will speak
Fathom answers marked like reliefs on the soul
Witness existential truths unfold...
Cross, Emissaries cross
The luminary wing of Anu disembark
The crimson dei-startum emit unspoken words
Phantasm truth lets loose... we're awake!
Atonement of Man's essence shall begin
Blind descendants of the archetypes
Stand in awe as the bearers of life appear
The Eagle Headed, the Scorpion Men
Splendid Centaurs and Djinn-like beings
Culture of the celestial
Redeem their covenant for control
Opening the cross sealed box
Surges out the cosmic clay
Secret grand formulas of Ti'it
Annunakian code divulged
Cross to the lands of Lugal-E
The astral candles shimmer, for the ancestors
This is their third return, it's time for verdict
Messengers of the para-elysian ones
They will divulge truths never told
Cross Emissaries! Cross!
And salvage what is lost
For they bask captivated by this phantasm
They are fashioned from cosmic clay
Preodained to labour, miners in gold chasms
[Lead: Moloch]
[Lead: Ashmedi]

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