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The Sun And The Moon - text

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With the sun on my right side and the moon in my breast
I've been taking my pennies from the rich and the blessed
And they expect all their soldiers to parade what they've won
Then to march back to heaven or where ever they come from
If I ever live alone again I would live in the pines
For I'd remember the future and I'd leave it behind
And in the new fallen snow I'd make angels in men
To create a snow heaven and believe in it again
And oh every moment isn't clear
Sometimes I feel I've been there before
And oh how some moments grow into patterns
And puzzles and lifestyles and schemes
With so little difference in nightmares and dreams
And oh how some moments glow
With the sun in my eyes and the moon in the rest
Let the northern star guide me to the place I love best
Where I'll put on my old coat and I button my eyes
And I'll weave my reflection in the tears that I've cried
I Ain't got no home in this world anymore
Ain't got no home in this world anymore
Farewell sorrow, praise God the open door
Ain't got no home in this world anymore

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