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Let a captain come lead us and chart us a course
Through the icebergs, the fog, and the hail
On the dogwatch a strange fear invaded my heart
And my blood froze like rain on the sail

With a Yo and a Ho and there's one thing I know
We're not in the same boat at all
With a Yo and a Ho and the wind starts to blow
As we float off the edge of the world

A long list of saints will watch over me
As I'm casting my nets in the sea
A long list of saints just as long as your arm
A candle is burning for me

Concrete and steel and a flame in the night
Cromarty dogger and bight
A diver gets bends when he's pulled up too light
And the fish can play tune on him bone

Text přidala Ludkaa9

Edge Of The World

The Mekons texty

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