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Honeymoon In Hell - text


there's a whisper in the castle of dreams
and a drowning in the moat
dressed up in white in the middle of the night
feeling like you missed the boat
a holiday on ice
those flowers and rice
will fit me like a glove
well ask me again same time next week
i'm taking a chance on love
unwanted gifts
coded messages
on a honeymoon in hell
waiting for the spiderman
to catch a plane and fly
down on the beach
out in the ocean
on the floor with baby lotion
two flies buzzing in a sunbeam
on a honeymoon in hell
what did you see
your life with me
na na na na na
honeymoon in hell
lying here alone at four a.m.
in a hotel in niagara
hear the water crashing down into the deep
but in the dark i can hear you undress
across all that distance
now we've been stealing each other's servants
and the kitchen is clean again
i don't feel guilty and i don't feel bad
about what happened this afternoon
dancing naked in the car's headlight
underneath the harvest moon
i'd swap ten years of married life
to have it all again

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