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Hard To Be Human Again - text


I made a mistake
When I looked over my shoulder
Cromwell was right behind me
In the driving rain
I came out of the bathroom
Looking for my ticket
It's hard to be
Hard to be human again

Well I've been punched and beaten
Though it never shows
I'm going up to Sheffield
I don't know when I'm coming home
He took me in a corner
And I don't know why
I was looking for a friend
He shaved me dry

Never been in trouble
Don't call me on the phone
Put the blower in the bathroom
Burn the house and start from scratch
Searching for existence with my red, red wine
It's hard to be
Hard to be human again

There was a caravan
Leaving in the dusk

I saw a man hold a chicken to his head
I'm telling you baby
I go up and I come down
It' hard to be
Hard to be human agai

Text přidala Ludkaa9

Fear And Whisky

The Mekons texty

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