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Enter The Lists - text


(Coming over the brow, swooping down onto the city. The traffic is well spaced and moving at a smooth pace. The city is spread before Me, white and pink in the winter sun. I shall enter this beautiful city and grasp its center like My lover's corded veins and tendons. Later, at night, the city lies glittering. Thrown over the river valley, breathless, as I bear down on it. This is My city and I pass into it with the rush of wind and the sound of quiet thiunder. A bar, a cube of light, throb gently as I park My car and , triggering the electronic locks and alarm, I move across the shinig tarmac to the noise and warmth. My breath is pluming in the bitter cold then the heat of the bar enfolds Me ardently as I push through the throng to My table. I am there and I know it will be good tonight. My list is endless.)

Oooh short cuts through time cut corners and ties
Lost there for a lifetime
Late in the evening you pull on your bra
Your pull on a hand you go out the room
Go out the door
Watching and counting and sex and TV
Enter the lists and you pull on some armour Yamaha drum machine, pictures and pubs
Of papers and juices, toothpaste and charlie

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