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Symphony of Agony - text

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Caught in eternity
where you be lost in a dream
Where you can see what we forgot
where you can be a kind of god
unchained and free as it was thought
and then a wake up just to see
a Symphony of agony
the Insanity of reality
Crying soldiers
Bursting bunkers
Creeping humans dying
Alone on this battlefield
so called live lost full of hate
Nothing to see we all forgot
Nothing will be left by god
Outside a dream nightmare controlled
no need to wake up, face the
Symphony of agony
the Insanity of reality
Dark clouds flying
Blood sun burning
Cold moon crying
Last men dying
Wiped out
The pride of mankind a threat, I am sorry
will lead to nothing
compromising evidence out of the past
A disillusion
No sweet surrender
outside the inside
mutilated aspiration
ease of mind
One last solution
clear up confussion now
Open your mind
Don't leave your dream
And apprehend what I could mean
Don't wake up!

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